What is

I started this web site in November 2009 and dedicated it to my personal experiences on Genomics and Bioinformatics. When I started writing this blog/website/diary/lab-report I was still doing my PhD. I share all my experiences of what I have been through, what I learned, studied, tried and failed, tried and succeeded or tried and gave up.

Update: In the current version, the access to those pages related to my PhD thesis are blocked temporarily.

Why some of the posts are password protected?

If you see some of the posts are password protected, there is only one reason behind it! Copyright! Since my research is being funded by some organizations, legally I am not allowed to make the results (or some of the codes I used to get those results) publicly available. Of course once the results of each part of my work is published they will become available to public.

What does Nikleotide mean?

Nikleotide was a fortunately freely available domain name (of course not anymore since it’s now taken by me) which turned to be a very nice combination of nucleotide and my last name “Nikbakht”.

Comments and feedbacks

Your comments will always be helpful keeping up the job and improving the quality of I am tending to keep this site running even when I finish my PhD program and start a career as a post doctorate or even a faculty member.

Where did the idea of this website come from?

The idea of this website came from a professor at UBC who hosts a website for his lab members in which they could share their daily experiences together. Something like a virtual daily lab-meeting without all those pressures (although I am sure they still have their routine lab meetings and the website serves as a lab diary).