Welcome to Here I share my thoughts and ideas on bioinformatics and genomics, more specifically on cancer genomics.

Following is a list of the projects I have been (am/will be soon) working on.  These are collaborations between our lab [Dr. Majewski] and other labs mentioned in the parentheses:

  1. Modeling the evolution and heterogeneity in pediatric brain tumors. Collaboration with Dr. Majewski, Dr. Nazarian and Dr. Jabado (published in Nature com.)
  2. Driver mutations in pediatric brain tumors (several published works)
  3. Modeling the evolution in metastatic colon cancers. Collaboration with Dr. Riazalhosseini, Dr. Siu (submited/under review)
  4. Modeling how different histone marks can dictate/predict the state of the DNA methylation and gene expression and how this relationship might be different between normal cells and cancer cells. Collaboration with Dr. Majewski (ongoing project).
  5. Dysregulation of RTK signal transduction pathways in Histone/IDH wild type pediatric GBMs. Collaboration with Dr. Majewski and Dr. Jabado (in preparation for publication).
  6. Studying how sub-clonal mutations can participate in defining the trajectory of the evolutionary events within a tumor. Collaboration with Dr. Majewski, Dr. Jabado and Dr. Lavigne (ongoing project)
  7. Studying how the order of driver mutations can affect the fate of a tumor (its progression and invasion) using CRISPR-cas9 editing system (possible future direction).
  8. Studying the heterogeneity within pGBM tumors (with apparent homogeneity for driver mutations) using Single Cell RNA sequencing (possible future direction).