Welcome to Here I share my thoughts and ideas on bioinformatics and genomics, more specifically on cancer genomics.

Following is a list of the projects I have been (am/will be soon) involved in.  These are collaborations between our lab [Dr. Majewski] and other labs mentioned in the parentheses:

1- Evolution within pediatric brain tumors (A collaboration with Dr. Jabado and Dr. Nazarian)

2- Recurrent somatic mutation in Myc associated factor X in brain tumors (A collaboration with Dr. Jabado and Dr. Lavigne)

3- Therapy driven evolution and heterogeneity in colorectal cancer (A collaboration with Dr. Riazalhosseini, Dr. Siu)

4- Calling chromosomal aberrations using whole exome sequencing

5- Histone wild type pediatric glioblastoma

6- Does the order of main driver mutations matter?

7- Using single cell RNA sequencing to study the intratumor structures and evolution in pediatric brain tumors.